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Newly-designed library illustrates modern education’s transformation


Spaces the encourage interactions and collaboration, private meeting rooms, individual work areas and an open, bright design are some of the features of the new Harrell Health Sciences Library, Research and Learning Commons.

By Carolyn Kimmel

Third-year medical students Nathan Wong, Anne Chen and Wilson Chan munched on lunch as they talked through their notes in a group study room at the Harrell Health Sciences Library, Research and Learning Commons at Penn State College of Medicine.

To study better, they could grab a marker and write on the white board walls of the room, turning them into one large study guide with great visibility. Or they could pull up a PowerPoint presentation from class on the large screen on another wall.

“These are good spaces for students to study together; there were none here before,” Chen said. “Now the library accommodates different types of study styles. There are still cubicles if you are a self-learner, but if you are a group studier, like us, you can use one of these new rooms.”

“Our old library was old looking; this is much more a place where you want to come,” Wong said. (more…)

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College of Medicine helps seed medical school library in Ghana

Editor’s note: This story is one in an occasional series highlighting a relationship between Penn State College of Medicine and Mountcrest University College in Ghana.

Medical students in the United States don’t generally have to worry about things like unreliable electricity and Internet service. This is not the case in rural Ghana, where Mountcrest University College (MCU) is preparing to open the first private medical school in the country. Without reliable service, students are more dependent on printed materials than the digital resources available to their American counterparts.

Two 40-foot containers of donated materials were shipped to Ghana.

Two 40-foot containers of donated materials were shipped to Ghana.

As part of an ongoing partnership, Penn State College of Medicine library staff recently loaded two, 40-foot containers with donated materials bound for Mountcrest. This was the second donation from the College of Medicine since the inception of Mountcrest’s medical school last year.

The College of Medicine is in the process of renovating the George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library, requiring staff to cull large amounts of printed materials from its collection.

“This was a really opportune moment in time where we had this massive amount of materials that we were going to be removing because Penn State University Libraries has electronic access to the materials and the real estate is more valuable than functioning as a book archive,” said Cynthia Robinson, director, George T. Harrell Health Sciences Library.

This allowed Mountcrest to receive a significant amount of materials for only the cost of shipping.


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READ Program highlights library’s mission

In 2011, the Harrell Health Sciences Library READ Poster Recognition Award at Penn State Hershey was established. Individuals who received the inaugural award are strong library supporters who have helped advance the mission of the library. Faculty and staff, from within and outside of the library worked to have the award created. Each honoree had a poster created that included a picture of themselves with a book of their choice, and a quote about why they chose that particular book and what their involvement with the library is.

READ cover for C. Max Lang, D.V.M., D.A.C.J.A.M.C. Max Lang, D.V.M., D.A.C.J.A.M., George T. Harrell Professor and Founding Chair of the Department of Comparative Medicine is pictured with a book he penned entitled The Impossible Dream: The Founding of the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center of the Pennsylvania State University. An avid reader, Lang had this to say about his support of the library, “The George T. Harrell Library is strategically located both architecturally and intellectually, between the basic and clinical sciences departments. This emphasizes the art of medicine which is based on scientific discoveries. It also subtly encourages the importance of continuing education to cope with the overwhelming amount of new information.

READ cover for Victoria Schirm, Ph.D., R.N.Victoria Schirm, Ph.D., R.N., director of nursing research, Department of Nursing, picked Notes on Nursing, by Florence Nightengale, who laid the foundation for professional nursing. “My Penn State nursing education instilled an appreciation for the library as a place to find best available evidence to support nursing interventions that are so important to quality patient care. Florence Nightengale’s Notes on Nursing, written over 150 years ago, is an early example of nursing knowledge development share in a book. For me, the library is an important gateway to books, journals, references, and a myriad of other resources that capture’s nursing’s unique and distinct contribution to patient care.”

The 2011 READ Program awardees is:

  • Graham H. Jefferies, M.D., D,Phil, Professor Emeritus of Medicine Gastroenterology and founding chair, Department of Medicine
  • C. Max Lang, D.V.M., D.A.C.J.A.M., George T. Harrell Professor and Founding Chair of the Department of Comparative Medicine
  • Alphonse Leure-duPree, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Neural and Behavioral Sciences, associate dean for academic achievement
  • Harold L. Paz, M.D, M.S., chief executive officer, senior vice-president for health affairs, and dean
  • Victoria Schirm, Ph.D., R.N., director of nursing research, Department of Nursing
  • Tom Stapleton, project manager, facilities planning and construction

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