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Building confidence one internship at a time

Members of the Project Search Class of 2018 at Penn State College of Medicine are shown in a square format, with three photos in three rows. Each student strikes a pose or makes a face. Bryce Boyer smiles broadly, Cheyanne Wilson puts her hand on her hip and purses her lips, James Silver fans his hands out on either side of face, Ava Pyles smiles and gives a thumbs up with each hand, Ethan Parrish smiles, Marissa Nice looks sideways and laughs, Emily Swanic smiles and holds up one hand with palm facing upwards, James Morrison look serious and Samantha Brace smiles.

The Project SEARCH Class of 2018 at Penn State College of Medicine. From top-left to right are Bryce Boyer, Cheyanne Wilson, James Silver, Ava Pyles, Ethan Parrish, Marissa Nice, Emily Swanic, James Morrison and Samantha Brace.

By Carolyn Kimmel

For the first time, 18-year-old Cheyanne Wilson says she feels noticed for who she really is—and encouraged to become all that she can be.

“I always felt different my whole life—this is the first time that people look at me like I’m a person,” said Cheyanne, who is spending the school year as a Penn State Health intern through Project Search, a program with more than 500 sites across the globe that teaches students with disabilities transferrable, marketable skills in a real work setting.

The Harrisburg youth is challenged by her internship in the Penn State College of Medicine Clinical Simulation Center and excited about upcoming internships in endoscopy and patient transport before she walks across the stage in Junker Auditorium at the Project Search graduation in May.

“Everyone here takes time to help me learn and not just push me through to get me out of here,” Cheyanne said. “Project Search has helped me a lot.”


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