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Initiative prepares Penn State medical students to care for veterans

Several events focusing on veterans and military medicine will take place on the Penn State Hershey campus to celebrate Joining Forces Wellness Week, in partnership with the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC).

The College of Medicine is part of the AAMC’s Joining Forces Initiative, which works to train future physicians to better understand, diagnose and treat the health care needs of veterans, service members and their families.

Second-year medical student Eric Jung is part of the AAMC’s Organization of Student Representatives, making military issues a priority on campus.

Working together with the Office of Diversity, Jung received a $500 grant from the AAMC to pay for events and activities celebrating veterans and educating the campus community on issues that veterans and active-duty military often face.

Veterans GroupsStudents

“We have a traditional medical school curriculum here, but there are topics that we don’t get a lot of exposure to, so this is a good way to include some of that,” he said. (more…)

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Unique experiences and interactions: A different learning environment for students

Students at medical schools everywhere have their up and down days. They listen to lectures and try to make sense of hundreds of new concepts sent their way in a span of a few hours. The multiple textbooks they carry to class are heavy, and the long hours are exhausting.

However, students at Penn State College of Medicine say that is where the similarities with their program end. What sets Penn State apart from other medical schools is the manner in which students are taught, the experiences available to them and the interactions with professors as colleagues, rather than as superiors, according to Brian Sykes, Class of 2012.

“When looking at medical schools, I could have only hoped to find the same environment [I had as an undergraduate]—one that fosters the same professor-student relationship, one that encourages taking risks but knowing someone is there to back you up, one that believes in a theory of learning through unique opportunities and out-of-the-ordinary lesson plans rather than textbooks,” he says. “Penn State College of Medicine provided this and more. Its professors want you to do well.”

That is not something that happens by chance either, according to Dwight Davis, M.D., associate dean for admissions and student affairs.


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