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Scholarship recipients give thanks for alumni support

During this season of thanks, and in honor of National Philanthropy Day (officially celebrated on Nov. 15), Penn State College of Medicine recognizes a group of individuals who have affected the institution in countless ways—our alumni.

Since the first medical class graduated from the College of Medicine in 1971, alumni have been making important contributions to advance scientific inquiry and shape the practice of healthcare. They have:

Pioneered advances in artificial heart technology, cancer care and treatment, primary care practice, pediatric cardiac care and neonatology;

Practiced medicine in rural communities, major metropolitan areas and developing nations around the world; and

Published their research in the most prestigious scientific journals and have been recognized among the Best Doctors in America.

However, our distinguished alumni do not just pay it forward for the communities they serve, they also give back to inspire, mentor and support current students—learners who want to follow in their predecessors’ footsteps but also forge their own unique paths. (more…)

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Beyond superheroes: Comics as a new genre for medical storytelling

Comics in medicine classPenn State College of Medicine may be the only place in the country where a fourth year medical student can take an elective Humanities course about comics titled “Graphic Storytelling and Medical Narratives.” But before you snort derisively, listen to Michael Green, M.D., professor in the Departments of Humanities and Medicine, explain why he created this course.

“Most people think comics are juvenile, silly, and frivolous, that it’s only about superheroes or funny cartoons,” Green said. “But I’m teaching about a specific, growing genre of graphic narratives that tell incredibly moving stories about serious topics.”

Even within this broad category, there is a growing number of individuals creating memoir-type stories related to medical issues–for instance, patients telling stories about their illnesses, medical providers sharing their experiences, and family members providing their perspectives on healthcare. As Green sees it, his course offers students an opportunity to learn and explore themes relevant to the practice of medicine. (more…)

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2011 Commencement – Penn State College of Medicine

Our 41st annual commencement ceremony was held on Sunday, May 15, at Founders Hall, Milton Hershey School.  Degrees were conferred on 151 medical students and 66 graduate students.

View some photos of the graduates during the ceremony and the celebration that followed.

Penn State College of Medicine Commencement 2011 slideshow

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Looking for the right care for patients

Dan McDougal, M.D., ’71, passed away on May 10, from ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease). The story below was written just before his passing.

When he was a young child, the late Dan McDougal, M.D., ’71, was fascinated by the human body. “I was always very good at maintaining things and the most challenging and rewarding thing to maintain is the human body,” explained McDougal.

His passion for medicine led him to the doors of Penn State College of Medicine. While at Penn State, McDougal remembered a defining moment that stuck with him concerning the practice of medicine. The chief of medicine at the time, Graham Jeffries, M.D., told medical students that most mistakes in medicine are not made by not knowing, but by not looking. From that moment, McDougal made “looking” a priority.

To McDougal, “looking” included the search to find the right care for patients and ways to aid other physicians. With this particular insight into medicine, McDougal accepted the medical director position in 1998 with Antietam Health Services, part of the Washington County Health System. There he was a proponent for both physicians and patients. (more…)

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Taking advantage of opportunities pays off

Matthew Silvis, M.D. ’02 has accomplished a great deal in a short amount of time; following his achievements as a medical student at Penn State College of Medicine and during his residency and fellowship at Wake Forest, Silvis returned to Penn State Hershey Medical Center in 2007 and was named director of primary care sports medicine in 2009. In recognition of his accomplishments Silvis was recently awarded the Alumni Achievement Award, given by the Penn State Alumni Association, identifying outstanding alumni.

His motivation to help both families and athletes has been a driving force in Silvis’ active career.

“I love my work.” Silvis said. “I love working in family medicine and I certainly love working in sports medicine.” (more…)

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