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Match Day 2015 (Video)

Last week, Penn State Medicine connected with three College of Medicine students to discuss Match Day, the day graduating medical students learn what residency programs they will attend. In this video, Carina Brown, Timothy Brown, and Jon-Ryan Burris talk about Match Day, their time at Penn State Hershey and say where they have matched to:

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As Match Day approaches, students reflect on Penn State Hershey

Editor’s Note: Match Day pictures, videos, and match lists will be published on Penn State Medicine after the Match Day ceremony on Friday, March 20.

Carina Brown, four years ago at the White Coat Ceremony. See the video at Visit Penn State Medicine online after the Match Day Ceremony on March 20 for an update on Brown.

Carina Brown, four years ago at the White Coat Ceremony. See the video at Visit Penn State Medicine online after the Match Day Ceremony on March 20 for an update on Brown.

Four years ago, they walked across the stage at Hershey Lodge and Convention Center to receive their white coats, marking their entry into medical school and their time at Penn State College of Medicine. One by one they stepped to the microphone, said their name, hometown and school, and walked over to wear, for the first time, their shortened white doctor coats to identify them as medical students.

This Friday, the College of Medicine Class of 2015 will once again mark a milestone as its members prepare for the next phase of their careers: residency. At noon on Friday, the class members will rip open envelopes that reveal their residency destinations in an annual ritual called Match Day.

Fourth-year medical students began the residency assignment process months ago by researching, visiting and interviewing with directors of residency programs that interest them. In February, students and other applicants filed their rank-order lists of residency programs of interest. Medical program directors also filed their rank-order lists of applicants. The National Resident Matching Program, a private, not-for-profit corporation established in 1952, completes the match.

Penn State Medicine caught up with three students – Timothy Brown, Carina Brown, and Jon-Ryan Burris – shown as incoming students in a video of the 2011 White Coat Ceremony (view here), to see what they remember of that day, and how they feel as Match Day approaches.


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Cheers, hugs, and tears at 2014 Match Day

On Friday, March 21, fourth-year medical students across the country discovered where they will spend their residencies in an annual tradition known as Match Day. For more than 120 students at Penn State College of Medicine, their Match Day event included a countdown to the moment when they ripped open the envelopes that hold their futures – a moment marked by cheers, hugs and tears. In all, 100 percent of the college’s senior medical student residency applicants matched to one of the residency programs to which they had applied. Of the 133 graduates, 26 of them will remain at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center for residency.

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Meeting their Match: Anticipation and excitement surround Match Day 2013

“There’s a lot of tension. You go on eighteen or nineteen interviews at all these different places all over the county. You don’t really know what’s going to happen. Then there’s one envelope that basically determines where you’re going.”

This is how Nathan Keller, a member of the Penn State College of Medicine Class of 2013 described the “Match” process that culminates in Match Day, an annual tradition when medical students learn where they will be headed for residency training. Four years of preparation at Penn State Hershey Medical Center and the College of Medicine had brought them to the moment when they would open a plain white envelope that contained the location of where they would continue their medical training. Match Day is the culmination of a process that began months ago as students visited and evaluated residency programs – and the programs evaluated them. Some of the students will remain at the Medical Center while others will go to residency programs throughout the country.

More than 130 students took part in the 2013 Match Day ceremony at the Hershey Country Club. The excitement built as the students received their envelopes one by one. Classmates cheered for each other as they counted down to noon, when they were finally able to tear open the envelopes and discover their match.

Some students were matched to their first choice. Others were not as lucky. (more…)

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2012 Match Day for medical students

March 16, 2012 marked another milestone for Penn State College of Medicine medical students. Reactions to opening their residency match envelopes are captured in this brief video from the ceremony held at the Hershey Country Club.

You can view the complete list of student matches here.

Congratulations to all!

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Finding a match in Hershey

On a day when more than 140 fourth-year medical students learned where they will be going for their residencies, Jennifer Kissane was thrilled to find out that she’ll be staying put.

As she tore open her Match Day envelope, Kissane discovered she will spend her radiology residency at Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center.

“Radiology is very exciting to me and it’s great that I’ll have the opportunity to learn it in Hershey where I know I’ll get a great education,” Kissane says.

Kissane is far from alone. Sixteen percent of this year’s 153 Penn State College of Medicine graduates will remain in Hershey for residencies. In all, 38 percent of the class was matched with residency programs in Pennsylvania, and more than three-quarters are headed for university programs.

Her education is not the only demand on Kissane’s time. She and her husband Brendan moved to Hershey from New Jersey in 2004 and are raising two daughters, including one who was born while Kissane was in medical school. The kicker: they’re expecting their third child – a son – this summer.

Family life played a key role in Kissane’s preference to stay in Hershey. “This region fits the lifestyle that my husband and I want for our family,” she says. “We’ve grown to appreciate Hershey and the surrounding area.”

Kissane says she has been able to juggle it all by setting – and sticking to – priorities. Her advice for other students who find themselves with a similar balancing act: “Make sure your family is at the top because when all is said and done, they’re the ones who get you through it.” (more…)

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Closing one set of doors—and opening a new set

Four years of hard work and dedication all lead to one of the most anticipated, nerve-wracking, and potentially joyous days in the life of a medical student—Match Day. And for some students, the anticipation of Match Day is more intense as they are also wondering about their significant other’s fate. Would they be matched to the same hospital, the same city, or even in the same state?

For most programs, students can be linked in the National Resident Matching Program system as a couple, which helps increase their chances of matching in the same program. For Bill Randazzo and Megan Caruso, a recently engaged couple of the class of 2010 and Penn State alumni, being linked in the system wasn’t an option. Ophthalmology residency programs, which Caruso applied for, require an early match. So while it was a partial relief to know that she would be calling the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta home for her residency, the stress of not knowing where her fiancé would end up still plagued her. The couple also applied for a general surgery internship at the University of Hawaii that they had to wait to find out about until Match Day. Ultimately they successfully matched with both schools. (more…)

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