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Vets bring military service – and sensibilities – to work at Penn State Hershey

More than 30 years ago, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Kurt Holtzer and fellow Navy sailors played cat-and-mouse with enemy Russian ships.

Sometimes, the ships passed so close they could see Russian sailors on deck. At times, they exchanged waves of greeting. In other instances, the gestures were less pleasant. Always, they prepared for battle – ready to take aggressive measures against each other if given the order.

Fast forward to 2012.

Andrey Chuprin and Kurt Holtzer

Andrey Chuprin and Kurt Holtzer

Holtzer, a supervisor for the Penn State Hershey biomedical team, has just been diagnosed with leukemia and is being cared for by oncology nurse Andrey Chuprin. As the two become close and swap stories, Holtzer discovers that Chuprin had served in the Russian Navy in the same part of the Pacific Ocean at the same time he was there.

“On that water, we were mortal enemies,” Holtzer said. “But as I lay in my oncology bed, Andrey (was) fighting to save my life. Today, we are like brothers. What a tremendous turn of events.”

Like any large employer, Penn State Hershey has its share of veterans – men and women who served their country before coming to serve on campus. They aren’t always easy to spot, but they are all over campus, putting the skills and experiences they gained during their time in the service to work for patients and their families. (more…)

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Penn State Hershey offers science outreach program to local high school students and faculty

Classroom setting for SEPA-CREST: Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) - Collaborative Research Experiences for Students and Teachers (CREST)

Michael Chorney, Ph.D. and Gail Matters, Ph.D., both of Penn State Hershey, lead a lecture on immunology to Susquehanna Township students.

As part of an initiative to educate students in the surrounding areas about research related to health, faculty members from Penn State College of Medicine, in conjunction with colleagues from Penn State Harrisburg, Juniata College, and the Raystown Field Station offered 16 sophomores from Susquehanna Township High School and five of their teachers a week-long, summer opportunity to take a closer look at environmental and medical research techniques, and the interchange between the two areas of science. The formal title of the program is SEPA-CREST, so named for the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) that funded it and the opportunity it provided for Collaborative Research Experiences for Students and Teachers (CREST). It serves not only as a vehicle for students and teachers to gain more intensive experience in science, but also as a research opportunity for college faculty to gauge their ability to improve science literacy with these groups.

Participants travelled to the Raystown Field Station, an environmental center in Huntingdon, PA operated by Juniata College for a multidisciplinary study of the interactions between humans and the environment.

“The great thing about a week-long experience like this is that we’ve been able to address a wide range of topics and techniques,” said Sarah Bronson, Ph.D., associate professor of cellular and molecular physiology, Penn State College of Medicine. “Each of the students are drawn to different areas in science, so this approach raises the likelihood that we’ll score a hit with one of the 16 kids and they think, ‘I want to know more about that’ or ‘I’d like to do that when I grow up.’” (more…)

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CEO Perspectives – Rethinking Medical Education: Creating innovative caregivers and teams

Below is an excerpt from the June 2012 edition of Perspectives, a monthly electronic newsletter from Harold L. Paz, M.D., chief executive officer, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, senior vice president for health affairs, Penn State, and dean, Penn State College of Medicine.

Dr. Harold Paz

Harold L. Paz, M.D., M.S.

As we conclude the current academic year we have the opportunity to reflect on our academic mission. While Commencement is a ceremony steeped in tradition, our approach to medical education is anything but static. Since our founding Penn State College of Medicine has been at the forefront of innovations in medical education. More than four decades later, Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Hershey Medical Center are continuing to lead innovative efforts to transform medical education in ways that respond to the needs of our patients and all those whom we serve.

While the image of the solo practitioner may still be common in media portrayals of doctors, the reality is that caring for patients in virtually any setting today is a team effort, involving not only physicians but also a vast array of health care professionals. Clearly we have a responsibility to prepare medical students to work effectively as part of a coordinated patient care team – which means teaching teamwork and communication, not just scientific knowledge and clinical skills. Penn State is a nationally recognized leader not only in medical education but also in interprofessional education, particularly for some of our programs that train medical and nursing students together to work as teams. The College of Medicine was one of seven medical schools selected to participate in the New Horizons program, sponsored by the Carnegie Foundation and the Josiah Macy Jr. Foundation, to develop interprofessional curricula and training for medical and nursing students. Teaching medical and nursing students to work together does more than prepare new health professionals to practice effectively – it also enhances the safety and quality of patient care by ensuring that members of the care team are communicating with one another and keeping the patient at the center of all they do.

To continue reading, click here.

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Into the Future – Memories & Milestones

Part 19 – Into the Future

Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center continues to be forward-thinking in the commitment to enhance the quality of life through improved health, the professional preparation of those who will serve the health needs of others, and the discovery of knowledge that will benefit all.

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>> View all 19 segments of “Memories & Milestones” on the Penn State Hershey website.

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Continuing the Legacy – Memories & Milestones

Part 18 – Continuing the Legacy

Milton S. Hershey’s legacy and vision carries on through the continuing work of the Medical Center and College of Medicine.

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Trauma Center – Memories & Milestones

Part 17 – Trauma Center

Penn State Hershey is the only Level One Trauma Center in Pennsylvania accredited for both adult and pediatric patients. The Life Lion helicopter program was named by the winner of a medical student contest.

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Grand Opening – Memories & Milestones

Part 15 – Grand Opening

The first patient arrives on October 14, 1970. And a surprise phone call the next day puts the medical staff on duty their first weekend.

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